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    One of the common issues nowadays is oily skin and pigmentation/hyper-pigmentation. The root cause of pigmentation is excessive production of melanin now what is melanin? Melanin is a natural component responsible for skin color and functioned in sunlight and produced by melanocytes, melanocytes are skin cells.

    The problem occurs when melanocytes start excessive production of melanin. Which causes pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation are due to the sun damages the skin, acne vulgaris, or inflammation or other skin problems?

    While on the other hand oiliness appears due to multiple factors.

    a) Sebaceous gland
    b) Hormonal dis-balance
    c) Genetic factor
    d) Environmental & lifestyle

    How to cope with it?

    Skin Pigmentation:
    Avoid sun exposure use sunblock regularly and use Leganto beauty cream containing Alpha arbutin one of the most advanced natural ingredients and it is proven its effectiveness in inhibiting pigmentation.

    Apply at night time only small quantity should be applied according to 5 dot application method keep in mind don’t rub too much Leganto Cream works at the molecular level and due to
    Its unique formulation results are marvelous and without any hessites.

    Solution for Oiliness
    If you have oiliness due to excessive sebaceous secretion then bingo you are on right place, Leganto molecular cosmetics presents Leganto Cleanser that controls oiliness and gives excellent cleaning due to its beats and unique advance formulation to control oiliness and wipe off dark spots and leave your skin with a fresh and glowing look.

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